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SwedenxChubby!Reader-Sleep With Me
It was Saturday night and you were slumped in the backseat of a taxi, exhausted and achy. Lucky for you, your boyfriend Berwald made a nice pillow. As a special weekend treat, he'd taken you to an amusement park, and you were out for the count.
Your head was resting in his lap and he played with your (h/l) (h/c) hair, his intense gaze staring off into space. He hated amusement parks, with all the loud noises and rude people, but he loved you and you loved amusement parks. For the most part he had just been there for protection, though he did have to admit the actual roller coasters were rather fun.
You stirred in your sleep as the taxi stopped at a red light, and a tiny smile crept onto his features. He found you so adorable, all innocent and chubby. If anyone ever picked on you for any reason, Berwald was sure to be right there by your side, though sometimes things could get out of hand. Just earlier, he had knocked a few teeth out of the mouth of a guy who'd called you "fatass". Even
:iconfreckly-voodoo-doll:freckly-voodoo-doll 164 42
It was easy to say that while your boyfriend was as cuddly as a teddy bear, he was definitely as strong as a real bear. Sometimes when he hugged you, it felt as if he were crushing the air from your lungs. But you knew it wasn't intentional.
Ivan had been deprived of physical contact for a long time, and he adored cuddling your soft body. You had grown used to the occasional bruising from his strong arms. He just didn't realize how strong he was, but it never really hurt, so you put up with it. You just couldn't stand to tell your loving boyfriend that he was hurting you. He seemed as oblivious as usual, just stroking your hair and humming happily.
At the risk of sounding cliche, it was indeed a rather dark and stormy night when things changed. It had been raining for a few days, and the entire time you'd been with Ivan. The two of you were cuddling on the couch, but you noticed that his hold on you was softer than usual. Not that you were complaining, but you also noticed an almost sa
:iconfreckly-voodoo-doll:freckly-voodoo-doll 47 19
Hetaloid!Russia x Chubby!reader (1/?)
you kicked the door shut as threw your stuff down to the floor, not caring if anything broke. you were too broken to really care about any of your stuff. why did it deserve the luxury of being cared about? 'calm down.' you commanded yourself, 'you're starting to sound weird.' you kicked a wall and sniffed up the snot and wiped off the tears that were getting every where on your face, making it irritated and wet. the more you tried to calm down, the more your hiccups and shaky breaths infuriated you.
from the door to upstairs you were shedding your clothes until you got to the bathroom naked. you threw the water to scalding. the worst thing you could have done was look in the mirror at that point, your face was red and dripping and your hair nearly pulled out from you running your hands through it out of frustration. no wonder you got your heart broken.
you bit your lip and looked at the floor.
'(name), what have you done to yourself." you muttered and clutched at your chest, trying to
:iconkatyclassylady:katyclassylady 88 6
Not like Rest Demark X Chubby Reader
You laughed it wasn’t meant to be rude but found it hard to believe it.  Mathias Køhler, the biggest most, loud mouth arrogant jerk to ever walk the earth. He liked you? While you were laughing your head off you friends looked at you. “____ I know it’s hard to believe…”
“Yeah it is you know all the cheerleaders go for him and Alfred….and he’s always around his friends so there is no way he even knows I exist and if he did he would just ignore me and just crack jokes like others.” You said having no idea you did not know the man like your friends do.
“____ my scours are never wrong he likes you.” Elizabeta said looking at you as Lilli nodded, “Maybe he might talk to you? Remember he is in your world history class maybe you two will be partners for your last project.”
That reminded you had to work with a partner and do some kind of project on any country of your choice. You already knew your layou
:icondemonjem:DemonJem 273 35
Russiacat x Reader
This wouldn’t be nearly as easy as you had expected. How were you supposed to find a cat that stood out to you when so much commotion was going about? Yao was now making another attempt at the kitten pen, the Scottish Fold now had its hackles raised towards the pure white Persian, and what looked like a white mix with red eyes was fleeing quite loudly from a brown and white cat. It seemed like every cat had its own quirks – something that made it unique.
At least you had one idea: You wanted an adult cat. There wasn’t anything wrong with kittens, you loved them to pieces! But that was the thing. Everyone wanted a kitten. They’re young, energetic, fluffy, and of course adorable. However, the adult cats had a much tougher time finding a nice home. Unlike this shelter, you knew there were plenty of places that euthanized these older animals – not just cats – that failed to find a home within a certain period of time. It was a cruel and unfair way to tre
:iconakali13:Akali13 1,026 201
Jealous Blood Dark!Child!RussiaXReader
You found him standing alone in the snow, the cold winter wind blowing his platinum blond hair out of his face, his deep purple eyes distant and cold. He was an odd one, that boy. He looked around six, but he was all alone.
 You thought he was lost and, being the helpful person that you are, decided to see if you could help. You cautiously approached the boy, almost afraid you'd spook him if you moved too quickly "Excuse me?"
 The boy turned to look at you, his vibrant eyes meeting yours. "Da?"
 You bent down to his level, smiling kindly. "You look lost. Do you know where your mommy is?" 
He looked at the ground, gripping his large scarf with his meaty little kid hands tightly. "I do not having a family. All I having is the snow."
 You felt a pang of pity for the lost child. "Well, would you like to come live with me?"
 He looked up at you, his eyes wide. "Really?!"
 The hopeful look in his eyes almost hurt to look at, but you continued to smile. "Da!
:iconmidnightshadows24:MidnightShadows24 371 60
Demon!China-x-Priestess!Reader - An Exception
A/N: OH LORD I MADE IT. Contest Submission for UraharaSteph! Fifth and ABSOLUTELY FINAL attempt~! Oh, and Yao may seem a bit OOC because he's a hormonal, sexy, demon teenager, aru~! |^ W ^|
Long ago, in ancient China, it was believed that demons were a scourge on all humans, wishing only for their suffering. So humans - who really had once been in harmony with the demons - turned their backs on them, fearing and attacking them whenever the opportunity arrived.
The shock of the humans sudden cruelty towards them planted seeds of hatred in the hearts of the demon lords, imbedded and nourished with bloodshed of their own kind.
Thus began a century long war, putting once allied beings against each other. Hate and fear became dominant in the minds of both incubus and human alike. Red would stain the earth, baked into the soul. Needless destruction rampaged all throughout China. A tower stacked high with stones of pure violent loathing loomed into the h
:iconauro-sya:Auro-Sya 394 155
Dark!Russia-x-Reader - Bliss
A/N: This is my first reader insert! Like, EVER. Please give me helpful critisim so I may get better! *bows* Arigato!
|Warning, contains mention of rape. If you don't like that sort of thing, please click the 'back' button on the upper left corner of your screen|
- - -
That smile.
That sweet, child-like smile.
That was what had you hooked in the first place.
You had looked across the room, at your first Nation meeting, and spotted him - and that smile. America had caught you staring, instantly scolding you, saying, "Don't make eye-contact with that Commie!" Frowning, you gave America a hard look before gazing back at the Russian man. He was staring back at you, smiling again. For reasons you didn't know at the time, your face flushed a bright crimson and you quickly whipped your head in the opposite direction. Baka! He caught you! You thought to yourself embarrassedly. Normally you wouldn't be caught dead checking out a guy, but... that smile...
After the meeting
:iconauro-sya:Auro-Sya 252 123
Dark!RussiaxReader - Monarch
Ahh, my dear sunflower! Why are you crying like that? Please don't cry, think of it as me saving you from Belarus' wrath! What? You want to be freed? I cannot do that my dear, not while she lurks.
You do realize how beautiful you look today? That dress is inspired by the monarch butterfly, right? It matches so nicely to the sunflower I painted on to wall! Oh? Yao-Yao? He's okay, he's still in China. I only have his wax duplicate with me and you'll join his wax replica, my little sunflower. Oh dear, you're crying again. Let me wipe the tears away. They'll ruin the dress. What? Is that Belarus I hear? Oh please be silent, I shall quickly return.
I am back my dearest sunflower! Oh dear, it appears you tried to hurt yourself. Let me help you with your injuries, What's that, the blood on my coat? Oh, it's only the blood of Belarus. She's dead, we have no reason to fear her now! What to do with the corpse? Simple! She'll become a wax figure, just like Yao-Yao! Oh, what's with the tears?
:iconmusicofmidnight:Musicofmidnight 42 33
Dark!PrussiaxReaderxEngland - Eclipse
"[name]!" Arthur cried, running through the alleyways in a blind panic. His girlfriend, [name], had been kidnapped by a ruthless sadistic murderer. He was terrified, especially since it was the dark of the night. The screams of a girl split the night. He glanced up, terror in his eyes. A swish of cloth sent his nerves near overdrive. He looked up, seeing where the screams were coming from: A balcony where he could hear her. Suddenly, she appeared from the darkness of the inside. Her eyes were wide in fear, her side scarlet red.
"Arthur..." She murmured, her voice faltering. She fell over the balcony, into Arthur's arms.
"[name]! Are you okay?" He asked. She slowly nodded.
"You're mine and mine alone, you will never escape from me!" Came the roar of the murderer. Arthur ran to the hospital for dear life.

"Dammit, I lost her!" Gilbert growled. He was shirtless, just about to take her as his wife. That damn Brit took her before he could get her. Didn't help that he stabbed her side
:iconmusicofmidnight:Musicofmidnight 77 62
Yandere??France x Reader: Mon petit prisonnier
~Mon petit prisonnier~
A dark, Yandere!France x Reader story.
That's the only way you could describe how you felt. No. Not the shaking, "I'm freezing" kind of cold. The empty, lonely kind of cold. You were depressed. Sad, even.. You felt alone. Like no one was there for you.
Well... that wasn't completely true. There was.. him.
Goosebumps covered your skin at the thought of that man. He couldn't even be called a man. He wasn't human.. He was a monster. No human would do this to someone. No human with a heart would do this! He claimed he only did what he did because he loved you, because he wanted you to be safe. Because he didn't want you to be corrupted by.. that man..
"I only want you to be safe, mon amour.. s'il vous plaît, I'm trying to protect you. I do this because I love you-"
"Je suis désolé.. I can't do that, mon amour."
(please) (I'm sorry)
You shook your head, trying
:iconoaklerskies:OaklerSkies 68 6
Marionette-Yandere Russia x Lonely Reader 1
Chapter 1: The Marionette of Winter
Toris led you to a car that was parked out front and popping open the trunk he placed your things inside before re-shutting it and opening the backseat door for you, “Um, I-if you will?” he inquired as he waited for you to take a seat. Following his lead you took your seat in the car and buckled up as he closed the door and quickly scurried over to the driver’s side. After readjusting the mirrors he glanced back at you for a split-second before starting the car and pulling out of the lot to who knows where exactly your new life was.
End Recap---
Arriving in front of the mansion you couldn’t help but gape at the giant extent that fell before you in a gigantic mass of artistic prowess. The dark stone like bricks fell well with the hint of hickory wood and mountains of snow that blanketed the manor. Quickly, Toris stepped out from the driver’s seat and went to open the door for you, waiting patiently as you found
:iconmazukikai:mazukikai 181 28
Yandere!Dark!RussiaxReader Part 1
"Come on, _____!" Your best friend cried, grabbing your arm and shaking it, "You have to audition with me! I don't want to get up in front of people and be both Romeo and Paris! You can read from the script, I just need you to be there for the first few lines of his monologue." You just shoved her arm off.
"I can't, Al." You said looking in her eyes.
You weren't the one to perform in front of people despite having the potential. You had a pretty face, a nice voice, and memorized stuff quickly … But there's always the fact you had stage fright. You were perfectly fine singing and acting in the safety of your own home or in front of really close friends.
"Please~! You know I love you and will pay you back if you do it!"
"How so?"
As the conversation went on, you didn't hear someone whisper from behind.
"Oh, she'll pay for talking to you, my little sunflower~"
You looked around the classroom to find five or six people. You recognized th
:iconaquarius-ruler:Aquarius-ruler 79 27
Bruises - Dark!Cannibal!Russia x Reader Part 2
Matthew held the phone limply next to his ear, hardly listening to the voicemail that had been left for him.
“H-Hey Matthew, it’s me, Toris. Um, I tried to call you earlier but you weren’t answering so I thought I’d just leave a voicemail...I...Oh, this is hard to explain, um...Simply put Ravis, Eduard and I, we won’t...Be coming back. Home, I mean. We’ve...Got new jobs together you see, and, erm, our boss wants us to live with him…! So...We’re...Not coming home. Sorry. T-Tell (F/N) sorry too and-” There was the crackling of static for a moment. “-Toris~ Who are you talking to, товарищ?” “A-Ah! Just a friend, sir!” “What kind of friend?” “A friend- neighbor kind of friend, that kind you know sir haha..ha…” “...” “S-Sir…?” A crash. “R-Raviiiis!” Someone that vaguely sounded lik
:iconkaijinkyn:KaijinKyn 75 17
Only Yours 2 (Yandere!Russia x Yandere!Reader)
Only Yours 2/2 (Yandere!Russia x Yandere!Reader)
** Warning! Is some gore and creepiness. Not too much but, enough**
(Also kind of a songfic)
(Me: Cry, advertise, NOW! Cry: Wha-why? Me: PWEEESE? Cry: *sigh* Fine…)
Previously on Only Yours…
You cringed at the sudden contact with the floor. You open your eyes to see a very depressed Ivan straddling you…(wait for it…) with a knife to your neck. (boom! You thought it was smexy time didn’t you! LOL!)
And so it continues…
You woke up slowly to the comfort of arms around your waist. Long story short: You became one with mother Russia!
You still had a Bandage on your neck, it was filled with blood and needed to be changed. You look to see Ivan asleep, protectively holding you. You mentally fangirled at is Kawaii Desu!
He was finally yours. You were finally his. You belong to nobody else. He showed how much he desired you last night. (Think of it as when he cut your neck or the boogity-woogity. Whatever
:iconthesupernarwhal:TheSuperNarwhal 60 48
Only Yours (Yandere!Russia x Reader)
Only Yours 1/2 (Yandere!Russia x Reader)
** Warning! some gore, but not a lot! **
   You were off to Ivan's house to go ice skating. It has been forever since you talked to Ivan since he started dating Atrocity. (whenever a x reader says to make up a name for the bad person and its a girl, i use this name XD)
   You weren't so sure why, i mean sure she was pretty and nice and... hasn't really done anything to you.. Look she's just fake okay! You could see it too. the way she got every boy wrapped around her finger. She always brags about "Oh i'm a dancer! I am the lead dancer! I was the lead in The Nutcracker!" and all that crapola.
   She just irritated you soooo much!You knew Ivan liked dancers, that's why you joined ballet in middle school. But you never really got to tell him since you only had one class with him, which was PE. But now it is high school. You can smell the hormonal rage a block away.
   You and Ivan are lo
:iconthesupernarwhal:TheSuperNarwhal 122 20


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Alright, Guys: I Need Some Help.
For every person who responds to this, I will draw, paint or write something of their choice for $10. I'm trying to raise money for a high school trip to France and Germany, and anything you guys can give will help. If anyone has a question, just message me and I'll answer it as best I can.


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